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I know I am a lawyer.  And I talk about the law.  But as someone from Western Pennsylvania, I can’t help myself.  

If you’re from Beaver County, you know that football is king.  You have teams like Aliquippa and Beaver Falls who have dominated for decades.  They have sent countless athletes to the NFL.

And have produced some of the best athletes in the nation.  

Yet if you still live in Beaver County, your story might be different.  It was once known for its steel mills.  The steel mills built Beaver County

Now, those jobs are mostly a thing of the past.  And now those union jobs with high wages and good benefits are too.

This leaves residents of Beaver County in the same position as most Americans.  You are an at will employee.

As an at will-employee, you need a Beaver County employment lawyer who understands the law.  But, more importantly, understands Beaver County. From Blackhawk to Center, and everything in between.

At The Lacy Employment Law Firm, we are here to help no matter where in Beaver County you reside. 

Employment is At-Will in the United States

If you do not have a union job, it is almost certain that your job is at will.  At will means that your employer can fire you for any non-illegal reason.  

The typical illegal reasons is discrimination or harassment.  Under Title VII of the Civil Rights Act, both are illegal.  

Your company cannot discriminate against you or harass you based on:

  • Gender
  • Race
  • Religion
  • Ethnicity
  • Age
  • National Origin
  • Disability
  • Marital status
  • Pregnancy
  • Genetic information

Your Employment Contract Might Protect You

If you have an employment contract, you might have greater protection.  Although the employment standard is at will, you can contract for cause.

Cause means that you can only be fired if there is a good reason.  A Beaver County employment lawyer can help draft your employment agreement.

And can also help you start a lawsuit, if your employer wrongfully terminates you.

Your Employer Cannot Retaliate

Employment laws also protect you from retaliation.  Retaliation occurs when you engage in protected conduct.  And your employer takes an adverse action against you as a result.

Examples of protected conduct include:

  • Filing a charge with the EEOC;
  • Threatening to sue;
  • Refusing to do something illegal;
  • Complaining about harassment or discrimination;

An adverse action occurs when your employer negatively impacts your employment.  This could involve a termination, demotion, reassignment, or change in job responsibilities.  

Retaliation is the most common complaint filed with the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC).

Other Employment Violations:

Your employer may have violated your employment rights in some other way, including but not limited to:

  • Workplace harassment;
  • Wage and hour violations;
  • FMLA interference;

If you suspect that any type of workplace violation has occurred, give us a call.

Taking Your Case to Court

If you’re in Beaver County, you’re going to have to take a trip to Pittsburgh for your court case.  That’s because employment cases typically are filed in federal court.  

Your case will end up in the United States District Court for the Western District of Pennsylvania.

The federal courthouse is located at 700 Grant Street, Pittsburgh, PA. 

Contact Us

If you’ve been terminated, give the The Lacy Employment Law Firm a call.  We’re here to help you with your employment-related needs.

Our case consultations are free.  And we never charge a fee unless we win your case.

The Lacy Employment Law Firm proudly serve residents locating all of Beaver County, including:

Ambridge, Baden, Beaver (county seat), Big Beaver, Bridgewater, Conway, Darlington, East Rochester, Eastvale, Economy, Ellwood City, Fallston, Frankfort Springs, Freedom, Georgetown, Glasgow, Homewood, Hookstown, Industry, Koppel, Midland, Monaca, New Brighton, New Galilee, Ohioville, Patterson Heights, Rochester, Shippingport, South Heights, West Mayfield, Brighton, Center, Chippewa, Darlington, Daugherty, Franklin, Greene, Hanover, Harmony, Hopewell, Independence, Marion, New Sewickley, North Sewickley, Patterson, Potter, Pulaski, Raccoon, Rochester, South Beaver, Vanport, and White.


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