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Have you been terminated from your job?  Do you not know where your next paycheck will come from?

Is your unemployment running out?  Perhaps you should contact an employment lawyer.

You may never have thought about suing your employer.  But something just is not sitting right.  If you believe that your termination was illegal, give us a call.  

Attorney Lacy is a Proud W&J Alumnus

Washington, PA is a special place for founding Attorney Andrew Lacy.  He attended Washington & Jefferson College where he graduated with a bachelor’s degree in political science.  

While at W&J, Attorney Lacy, as a part-time job, Attorney Lacy worked for a candidate running for state congress.   This work included canvassing the Washington County area.  And knocking on doors, hoping to find support for his campaign.

Knocking on all of those doors taught Attorney Lacy a valuable lesson both about the people of Washington County and himsel.  

If you treat people who are different from you (race, class, gender) with respect, they will return that respect.  If you treat people with dignity they will return that dignity.

If your employer did not treat you with respect, you should call an employment lawyer.  If your employer took your dignity, we can make you whole again.

What Do You Need an Employment Lawyer?

Employment in American is at-will.  This means that — with few exceptions — your company can fire you for any non-illegal reasons.  Illegal reasons are typically reasons that are discriminatory.

Discriminatory reasons are those based on, amongst others:  race, gender, sex,national origin, disability.  

If your employer fires you based on any of these reasons, they have broken employment law.  

Further, even if your employer takes an adverse employment action against you based on any discriminatory reason, you still have an employment case.

An adverse employment action is any action that negatively alters your employment status.  This includes promotion, demotion, termination, reassignment, change in job responsibilities, or pay reduction.  

Employment Lawyers Do More Than Fight Discrimination

We look at for employment discrimination because it happens often.  But there are many other ways in which your employer might violate your employment rights:

  • Retaliation: Your employer cannot seek vengeance against you for engaging in a protected work activity.  Protected activity might include reporting discrimination or threatening to sue.
  • Harassment: You have the right to be free from a hostile work environment.  Severe or persistent harassment against you (in most cases) is illegal.  
  • Family and Medical Leave Act: You have the right to job-protected leave under certain circumstances.  If your employer tries to deny you it, you have an employment claim.
  • Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA): Your employer must pay you the correct wage, overtime, and also make sure that you are properly classified as salaried.
  • Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA): You have the right to a reasonable accommodation if you have a disability.  Failure to provide one is an employment violation.

Your Case Will End Up in Federal Court

Although you reside very much to the south of Pittsburgh, you will still end up driving to Pittsburgh for your employment case.

Federal Courthouse in Pittsburgh 

Employment cases typically end up in federal court.  That’s because employment laws are made up mostly of federal laws.

The total travel time is around 40 minutes.  

For your case, you may never see the inside of this courtroom.  If possible, we hope to get you a large settlement early to spare you the inconvenience of trial.

But, if need be, and if you prefer, we certainly are ready to take your case to court.  We have deep experience in this courthouse.  And we look forward to pursuing your employment case.

Contact Us

If you have an employment case, we are here to help.  You deserve to be treated with dignity.  And you deserve respect.

If you feel that your employer did not give that to you, give us a call.  We’re here to help.  

The Lacy Employment Law Firm proudly serves Washington County and its surrounding areas, including: Monongahela, Washington, Allenport, Beallsville, Bentleyville, Burgettstown, California, Canonsburg, Centerville, Charleroi, Claysville, Coal Center, Cokeburg, Deemston, Donora, Dunlevy, East Washington, Elco, Ellsworth, Finleyville, Green Hills, Houston, Long Branch, Marianna, McDonald, Midway, New Eagle, North Charleroi, Roscoe, Speers, Stockdale, Twilight, West Brownsville, West Middletown, Amwell, Blaine, Buffalo, Canton, Carroll, Cecil, Chartiers, Cross Creek, Donegal, East Bethlehem, East Finley, Fallowfield, Hanover, Hopewell, Independence, Jefferson, Morris, Mount Pleasant, North Bethlehem, North Franklin, North Strabane, Nottingham, Peters, Robinson, Smith, Somerset, South Franklin, South Strabane, Union, West Bethlehem, West Finley, and West Pike Run 


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