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Mental Health Consultation Services

The Lacy Employment Law Firm provides unique mental health consultation services for our clients.

Mental health is the most overlooked disability at work.  Employers often violate employee rights with respect to mental health. And employees often do not know their rights.

We hear all too often – when it is too late – that our clients wish that they knew their rights under the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA).

We are here to make sure you understand your rights.
We will:


Understand your needs.

Unfortunately, employees often run into a situation where they are scared to tell their employer about their disability.  Or they do not know whether they should tell their employer about their disability. We will discuss what is comfortable for you.


Strategize to find your best option.

During our consultation, we will strategize regarding your best option for continuing your employment, obtaining leave, if needed, and all other legal avenues for you to facilitate the protection of your rights.


Provide High Quality Consultation

We charge a flat fee of $100 for this service for which you will receive a one-hour consultation session with Attorney Lacy.  We aim to keep our fee in line with a one-hour therapy session.


Let us review your case

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