The Lacy Employment Law firm

The Lacy Employment Law firm

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The Lacy Employment Law Firm



The Lacy Employment Law Firm takes pride in community service.  We often participate in various events with non-profits and other organizations.  Find out more about our upcoming events.

Going Solo
April 15, 2021
@ 2:00 p.m.

The Lacy Employment Law Firm, LLC is partnering with renowned lawyer and author Carolyn Elefant to put on a presentation for law students and alumni regarding starting their own law firm.  Carolyn runs the blog, which is the longest-running blog for solo and small firm attorneys.  She has also authored several books, which include: Solo by Choice: How to Start a Firm and Be the Lawyer You Always Wanted To Be” and “Social Media for Lawyers: The Next Frontier.”  The Lacy Employment Law Firm is proud to present with Carolyn on this topic.   

This will be a virtual event open to all law students and practicing attorneys.  

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