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(2021) Philadelphia Minimum Wage Laws: What You Need to Know

Philadelphia Wage and Hour Lawyers

If you live and work in Philadelphia, you should know your rights under wage and hour laws. Therefore, it is important to have access to experienced wage and hour lawyers who understand the nuances of wage and hour law in Pennsylvania. 

Which Laws Govern Wage and Hour In Philadelphia? 

Philadelphia employees are protected by a variety of laws when it comes to wages and hours. The Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA) is the most prominent of these laws. This law mandates that all employees must receive minimum wage, which is currently equal to the Federal Minimum wage at $7.25 per hour

In addition, the FLSA requires employers to pay overtime compensation, 1.5 times an employee’s regular pay rate, for all hours worked beyond 40 in a single work week. 

All wages owed to employees by their employers, excluding fringe benefits and wage supplements, must be paid on the regularly scheduled paydays defined in advance by the employer. Employers must promptly pay all wages due to their employees, including overtime. The employee must authorize any deductions from wages. Failure to comply with these regulations may result in fines or other penalties. There are many wage violations that employers can be guilty of. Still, some of the most common include deductions from wages, failure to pay earned commissions, and illegal tip pooling policies.

In addition to the FLSA, Pennsylvania has its own wage and hour laws that are more specific to Philadelphia. Employees who feel they have not been paid properly or denied their rightful wages might need legal help from a Philadelphia wage and hour lawyer or a Philadelphia employment lawyer. 

These lawyers will have the expertise to help workers ensure they receive what they are owed and protect their rights under the laws governing wages and hours in Philadelphia.

How Can Philadelphia Wage and Hour Lawyers Help? 

Regarding wage and hour issues in Philadelphia, it can be difficult to know what to do. That is why having a Philadelphia employment lawyer is important to help you understand your rights and the law.

A Philadelphia employment lawyer can help you in the following ways:

  • Understand Your Rights – A lawyer can help you understand all the laws that apply to your situation to know what you are entitled to under the law.
  • Negotiate with Employers – If your employer does not adhere to the wages and hours laws, an experienced Philadelphia employment lawyer can negotiate.
  • Represent You in Court – If necessary, an employment lawyer can represent you in court to ensure you receive the compensation you are entitled to.
  • Resolve Disputes Quickly and Effectively – If a dispute arises between you and your employer, a lawyer can help you resolve it quickly and effectively without going to court.
  • Get Compensation for Damages – If you have been a victim of wage and hour violations, a lawyer can help you seek compensation for damages, such as lost wages and emotional distress.

Having a Philadelphia employment lawyer on your side can be invaluable regarding wage and hour disputes. They can help you understand the law, negotiate with employers, represent you in court, and get the compensation you deserve.

How Do I File a Wage and Hour Claim In Philadelphia?

If you believe that your employer has violated your rights as an employee in terms of wages or hours, you may file a wage and hour claim with the Pennsylvania Department of Labor & Industry

To do this, you must first collect evidence and documentation that supports your claim. This could include any relevant payroll information, timesheets, or other employment records that prove the violation. Additionally, you should gather information such as your employer’s name, address, and contact information.

Once you have gathered all the necessary documents and evidence, you can submit a complaint form to the Department of Labor & Industry. You will need to include all the details of your claim in the complaint form and attach copies of the documents and evidence that support your claim. It’s important to note that Pennsylvania has a three-year statute of limitations for filing a wage and hour claim.

In addition to filing a claim with the Department of Labor & Industry, you may wish to consult a Philadelphia wage and hour lawyer to help you navigate the process. A lawyer can guide how best to pursue your claim and ensure it is properly filed according to the law.

They can also represent you if the case goes to court. An experienced lawyer can provide invaluable assistance and advice throughout the legal process.

Which Employees Are Entitled to a File a Wage and Hour Claim?

In general, any Philadelphia employee can file a wage and hour claim if they have not been properly compensated for their work. This includes but is not limited to the following:

  • Employees who are not receiving minimum wage
  • Employees who are not being paid overtime
  • Employees who are not being paid for all hours worked
  • Employees who are not being paid for work-related travel expenses
  • Employees who are not being compensated for work-related injury or illness
  • Employees who are not being provided with the appropriate rest and meal breaks
  • Employees who are not being given the proper pay stubs or documentation
  • Employees who are not receiving fair and accurate wages
  • Employees who have had their tips withheld or shared unfairly with management.

Hourly and salaried employees and part-time and full-time employees can make these claims. It is important to note that employers cannot retaliate against employees who file a wage and hour claim. If you feel that your employer has violated wage and hour laws, speaking to a qualified Philadelphia wage and hour lawyer is important as soon as possible.


Philadelphia has many employment laws that protect workers’ rights, including wage and hour laws. Wage and Hour lawyers in Philadelphia can help employees understand these laws and enforce their rights. When workers’ rights have been violated, they may have the right to file a claim for overtime pay, minimum wage violations, or other damages related to their work. 

Before filing any claim, it is important to consider the statute of limitations and consult a lawyer specializing in employment law. An experienced lawyer can ensure that all available remedies are explored and a fair resolution is achieved.

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