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At The Lacy Employment Law Firm, our attorneys provide the same level of representation that large international firms provide for companies.  But we provide these legal services at no cost to you. We represent the employee, not the corporation in civil rights, employment discrimination, and other employment law matters.


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Are you having trouble at work? Maybe you are not getting along with your boss. Perhaps you believe that your performance is good. But you fear that your job is in jeopardy.

You’re perhaps thinking about hiring a lawyer. Yet you know that lawyers are expensive. And you can barely afford your bills right now.

Taking a step back, you might not even know the type of lawyer that you need right now.

If you believe that your job is in jeopardy, you need an employment lawyer. Philadelphia has no shortage of great lawyers.

As Philadelphia employment lawyers, we recognize the importance of understanding the local labor and legal markets to successfully represent our clients. We have extensive legal experience in Pennsylvania – on both sides of the state.

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Age Discrimination

Age Discrimination

Disability Discrimination

Disability Discrimination

The Family Medical Leave Act

The Family Medical Leave Act

Gender Discrimination

Gender Discrimination

Harassment / Hostile Work Environment

Harassment / Hostile Work Environment

Race Discrimination

Race Discrimination

Wage and Hour

Wage and Hour

Wrongful Termination

Wrongful Termination

Why Us?

As a law student at Cornell, founder, Attorney Andrew Lacy, made a promise to himself to help people.  Yet he followed the majority of his classmates to work at a large international law firm.

Large law firms provide the best training ground for young employment lawyers.  They take the smartest law students.  They represent the biggest companies.  And only large companies can afford to hire them.

After years of seeing plaintiffs go up against large companies, Attorney Lacy decided to leave corporate law behind and start his own law firm; this time representing the people, not corporations.

He renewed his promise to himself.

When we say we know what we are up against, we mean it.  We worked behind enemy lines for years and have seen how the best employment attorneys handle cases.  We’ve seen it all. 
Employment Lawyers
Philadelphia litigators are known for being fierce. In fact, the term “Philadelphia Lawyer” has its own entry in the dictionary. It’s true, that sometimes Philadelphia employment attorneys are aggressive. But aggressiveness is not always a bad thing. For most Philadelphia attorneys, this means seeking higher damage awards and moving cases quickly to trial, if necessary. Some lawyers may take this a step further and engage in arguing for argument’s sake or even misstating the law. At The Lacy Employment Law firm, we will always aggressively pursue your case. But we will never engage in behavior that detrimentally affects it.

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Employment in the United States is at will. This means that your employer can fire you for any non-illegal reasons.

An illegal reason would be one that violates the various federal, state, and local employment laws. Philadelphia employment lawyers can help you navigate these laws.

Even if your employer fired you, you still have rights. Here’s what employers cannot do.

Employers cannot fire you based on your membership in a protected class.  A protected class is a group of employees that share common characteristics (race, gender, sex, national origin, etc.).  

If your company discriminated against you, we can help.  A discrimination attorney can start a lawsuit on your behalf.  And help you recover damages.

Employers cannot turn a blind eye to a hostile work environment created under their noses.  Harassment can come in many different types, such as race, disability, and age.

But the most common form is sexual harassment.  

Sexual harassment occurs when the company turns a blind eye to unwelcome sexual advances, sexually-charged remarks, and unwanted touching from its employees.  

We provide our clients with the legal advice they need to stop the harassment

Retaliation occurs normally after you report illegal workplace behavior. Or you sought leave or workers’ compensation.  Your employer might fire you after you “blow the whistle.”  This is illegal.

We are equipped to handle these claims in Philadelphia, PA, and in the entire state of Pennsylvania.

You have rights at work.  If you need leave to care for yourself or a sick loved one, your employer must honor your rights under the Family and Medical Leave Act.

If you have a disability and need a reasonable accommodation, your company must give you one.

We will advise you on all of your workplace rights.   We will not let your company skirt the law.  If you believe you have a case; remember, our consultations are always free.

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A labor and employment attorney represents employees when employment issues arise under federal, state, and local employment law.

Philadelphia employment lawyers are at the forefront of defending employee rights, focusing on discrimination and harassment claims in the workplace.

Employment lawyers possess mastery over a multitude of different types of employment law, including: wrongful termination; the Family and Medical Leave Actemployment discriminationsexual harassment; the Americans with Disabilities Act; employment contracts/employment agreements; and wage law.

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Our employment lawyers in Philadelphia offer a wide range of services related to labor and employment law. They can assist with issues such as wrongful termination, discrimination, harassment, wage and hour disputes, employment contracts, and workplace safety.

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Our employment lawyers in Philadelphia are highly qualified and experienced in handling employment law cases. They have extensive knowledge of federal and state labor laws and regulations. Many of them have specialized certifications and memberships in professional organizations. Additionally, they have a successful track record of representing clients in various labor and employment disputes.

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