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Delaware County Employment Lawyers

The Lacy Employment Law Firm serves Delaware County as well as Philadelphia and the entire state of Pennsylvania.  

Media, PA is just 13 minutes west of Philadelphia.  Although the cultures are very different, the employment law issues are not.  

Employment lawyers serving Media, PA and Delaware County will argue your case in a federal court in Philadelphia.

You need employment lawyers that are familiar with that court and also know and understand Delaware County employers.  

You can expect us to:

  • Understand the Philadelphia and Delaware County, employment market;
  • Possess intimate knowledge of how Philadelphia and Delco employers do business;
  • Investigate your case;
  • File your case in court;
  • Negotiate a settlement; and
  • Try your case to a jury verdict, if necessary

Although personal injury lawyers try to take the credit for being trial lawyers.  We are never afraid to take your employment case to trial.  

What is an Employment Lawyer

An employment lawyer is a civil lawyer that litigates cases under the federal and state employment statutes. 

In the United States, employment is at will.  This means that an employer can fire you for any non-illegal reasons.

Non-illegal reasons are those that the law does not prohibit.  The most common employment violation is wrongful termination.

Wrongful termination means that your employer illegal fired you.

What is Considered Wrongful Termination in Delaware County?

In Delaware, County, and through the country, your employer cannot fire you because of:

  • Gender
  • Race
  • Religion
  • Ethnicity
  • Age
  • National Origin
  • Disability
  • Marital status
  • Pregnancy
  • Genetic information

This is called employment discrimination.  Employment discrimination is probably the most common employment violation behind retaliation.  

Look Out for Employer Retaliation

Retaliation is a very common employment violation.  Employment retaliation occurs when your work takes vengeance on you for engaging in a protected activity.

Protected work activities are things like:

  • Filing a complaint;
  • Threatening to sue;
  • Standing up to discrimination or harassment;
  • Refusing to do something illegal;

After you take this action your work might demote, fire, or reassign you.  If this happens, you have a claim for retaliation against your employer.

Watch Out for Workplace Harassment

Workplace harassment is another common employment violation.  Harassment normally occurs in the form of sexual harassment.

But any type of harassment based on you belonging to a protected class (race, gender, sex, etc.) is illegal.

Harassment occurs when your boss or coworker engages in unwanted conduct that is severe or pervasive in nature.

This means that the conduct happened often.  Or it was really severe, like criminal sexual assault.  At The Lacy Employment Law Firm, we have experience dealing in such cases.

Other Employment Law Violations

Other common employment violations include wage and hour violations and violations of your right to unpaid medical leave.

The Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA) provides that you have a right to minimum wage and overtime if you are a non-exempt employee.

Employers in Delaware County, Montgomery, County, Philadelphia, County, and across the United States have to comply with this law.

An experienced employment attorney can help determine whether your work wrongfully withheld wages.  

Violations of the Family and Medical Leave Act (FMLA) are also common.  The FMLA is a statute that guarantees you the right to unpaid family and medical leave if you qualify. 

We often see companies try to interfere with your right to FMLA leave.  Or they might retaliate against you for trying to take it.  

A lawyer licensed to practice in Delaware County can help.  

Contact Us for a Free Consultation

As you can see, there are many exceptions to the general rule that your company can fire you for any reason.  If you believe that your employer wrongfully terminated your employment in Media, PA, Delaware County, or anywhere else in Pennsylvania, you should give us a call.

In employment law, there are very tight statutes of limitations.  This means that you only have so long to file a lawsuit.

There are many employees who wait to contact a lawyer.  And then they regret it. 

If you think you have a case, we will give you a free consultation.  What do you have to lose?  

The Lacy Employment Law Firm proudly serves all residents of Delaware County including those residing in:  Aldan, Brookhaven, Chester Heights, Clifton Heights, Collingdale, Colwyn, Darby, East Lansdowne, Eddystone, Folcroft, Glenolden, Lansdowne, Marcus Hook, Media (county seat), Millbourne, Morton, Norwood, Parkside, Prospect Park, Ridley Park, Rose Valley, Rutledge, Sharon Hill, Swarthmore, Trainer, Upland, Yeadon, Aston, Bethel, Chadds Ford, Chester, Concord, Darby, Edgmont, Haverford, Lower Chichester, Marple, Middletown, Nether Providence, Newtown, Radnor, Ridley, Springfield, Thornbury, Tinicum, Upper Chichester, Upper Darby, Garrett Hill, Glen Mills, Havertown, Radnor, Riddlewood, Rosemont, Secane, Thornton, Villanova, Wallingford, Wawa, and Wayne 


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