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Pittsburgh and Philadelphia Work Accident Attorney

You know your job is hard.  Unlike many, your work environment tends to be dangerous.  Unlike white collar jobs, you have a good chance of being injured on the job.

Perhaps you work at a construction site.  Or maybe your work at a factory.  You are at high risk for being injured at work.  

Unlike personal injury cases, you can’t directly sue the person responsible for the workplace accident.  Rather, you must go through our workers compensation systems. 

A work accident attorney can help you receive the workers compensation benefits that you deserve.  

At The Lacy Employment Law Firm, we are employment lawyers.  We focus on employment violations in the workplace, not workplace injuries or accidents.

Be we work in tandem with workers compensation lawyers.  Workplace accidents intersect closely with employment violations.

Given our experience with worker’s compensation lawyers, we can find you the right referral in Pittsburgh or Philadelphia.

Instead of cold calling and relying on Google reviews, let us do the hard work for you.  We will find you an intelligent, attentive, and tenacious workers compensation lawyer for your case.

We have an extensive network in Pittsburgh and Philadelphia.  

What Does a Workers Compensation Lawyer Do?

If you are injured at work, you cannot, on almost every occasion, sue your employer directly.  Rather, you must file a workers compensation claim.  

Workers compensation is an insurance system.  Businesses are typically required to carry worker’s compensation insurance.  

injured workers must file worker’s compensation claims to receive workers compensation benefits.

You will need benefits if you were injured at work, suffered a work-related injury, or if you became ill on the job.  

Work accidents happen. Work Accident Attorneys can help.

A workers compensation lawyer fights for you against the insurance company.  Insurance companies are notorious for denying workers comp claims.  

A workers compensation lawyer can help negotiate the best settlement on your behalf.  Or take your case all the way to a workers compensation hearing.  

They will make sure you get the compensation that you deserve. 

Why Should You Contact Us?

You may be wondering why you should contact us?  There are numerous reasons why it makes sense to contact an employment attorney, if you were injured at work.

1. You Will Need Our Advice

Following a workplace accident, you will likely need employment advice.  Do you need time off of work?  We can tell you how to structure your medical leave. You have certain rights under the Family and Medical Leave Act (FMLA).

Employees are entitled to unpaid leave in certain situations.  We can help you determine who you should structure your unpaid leave and your paid leave so that you maximise your benefits.

Further you might need help navigating the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA).  Your accident might have left you will a disability.  You may be able to get a reasonable accommodation.

And your reasonable accommodation may help you return to work.

2. We Give Free Consultations.

If you give us a call, we will give you a free consultation on these employment issues.  We want to make sure that you are covered on this front. 

And we want the opportunity to to refer you to a good worker’s compensation lawyer.  We have a stable of workers compensation lawyers ready to take on your case.

And we want to refer your case to the attorney who is the best fit for you.

During our free case evaluations, we will also discuss the implications of your workplace injury on your employment rights.

You may be entitled to certain protections under employment laws.

Why Do We Give Free Consultations and Make Referrals?

You may wonder why we will not only give you a free consultation, but also make a referral for you.  

The simple answer is that we have an interest in referring cases to good workers compensation attorneys.  Workers compensation attorneys refer employment cases to us.  

If we do not return the favor, they will stop referring cases to us.  It’s that simple.

How Do You Know that We WIll Refer Your Case to a Good Lawyer?

We have absolutely no incentive to refer your case to a bad lawyer.  Here’s why.

First, if your lawyer does a bad job, that reflects on us.  We care about our reputation.  If your lawyer does a bad job, you will go to family, friends, and acquaintances and tell them that we referred you to a hack.  

We will do everything possible to make sure that does not happen.  

Second, you might have an employment case.  FMLA, ADA, and retaliation cases often occur in tandem with worker’s compensation claims.  We want your business.  And if you have a bad experience with our referral, you’re not going to come to us for your employment case.

Lastly, we want to see you succeed.  Attorney Lacy started this firm to help people.  If he wanted to help corporations, he would have kept his previous “biglaw” job.  

Should I Get a Lawyer if I Get Hurt at Work?

You should think carefully about getting a lawyer for your workers comp claim.  Workers compensation claims that require extensive medical treatment for work-related injuries often need an attorney.

Medical expenses can quickly mount.  And insurance companies try to protect their bottom line at all costs.  

With medical bills piling up, do you want to risk the insurance company denying your claim?  

Further, the threat of going to a hearing scares insurance companies.  A work accident lawyer can help you recover compensation by taking your case to a hearing.

The threat of losing at hearing increases the value of your case with the insurance company.

Can I sue if I was Injured on the Job?

Under most circumstances, you cannot sue for a workplace injury.  Rather, you have to go through the workers compensation system.

There are limited exceptions.  You might be able to sue for a personal injury claim if your employer was intentional.  

This might arise where your company purposefully violated Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) standards.

Further, you might also be able to sue the product manufacturer in a products liability case.  Although you cannot directly sue your employer, you can sue the maker of the product.

We see this often in cases involving a workplace injury related to heavy machinery.  

Even if you have a personal injury claim, you still may be entitled to workers compensation.

Also, if a third party injured you at work, you may be able to sue in court.  

What is the Average Settlement for an Accident at Work?

Clients often ask what they case is worth.  And what is the average settlement that they can expect.  A settlement for an injury at work range from $2,000 to $40,000.  The average settlement amount is around $20,000.

A good work accident attorney can push your settlement higher than the average.  Going it alone often leads to a lower settlement amount.

Are Workers Compensation Benefits Paid as a Lump Sum

Workers compensation benefits can payout as a lump sum.  The question is whether you should take the lump sum.

This question is better left to a workers compensation lawyer. If you have suffered permanent injuries, there might be concerns regarding how your social security disability insurance might be affected.

For more information, you should contact a workers compensation attorney to discuss your legal options.  


A workers comp attorney can help you receive the compensation you deserve for workplace accidents.

Whether you are on the construction site, working in the factory, or injured anywhere else at work,  we will help find an attorney that can help you receive your full benefits.  

The insurance company may try to deny your claim. But workers comp attorneys can help you get the benefits that you deserve for your injuries.

We are here to help.  Let us do the hard work for you.  We will refer you to a Pittsburgh or Philadelphia workers compensation law firm.

Have you been involved in a workplace accident?   What will you do about it?

Let us review your case

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