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The Lacy Employment Law firm

The Lacy Employment Law firm


Our Price

We never take a fee

for a case unless we win you a verdict or settlement. We do provide hourly counseling work for employees, small businesses, and non-profit organizations for varying issues such as ADA compliance, accommodations, anti-discrimination policies, and employee handbook services.

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The Lacy Employment Law Firm was founded upon three concepts.

High Quality Legal Services

Every person should have the same level of representation that corporations receive. Companies hire lawyers that graduated from the best law schools and who work(ed) at the largest law firms. Shouldn’t you?

We Leverage Technology

We leverage the latest technology to remain efficient. The Lacy Employment Law Firm is almost completely virtual. We keep our clients informed through Google portals. We are a completely paperless office.

We are a law office of the 21st century.

We Overinform

Our goal is to overinform. We will inform you every step of the way of what’s going to happen in your case. We aim to answer questions before you ask them. Take a look at our practice area guides and find out.

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