LEGAL Services

The Lacy Employment Law Firm LLC offers clear, transparent pricing for our legal services. We ensure our clients understand the costs upfront, with no hidden fees. Our commitment is to provide consistent, high-quality legal representation without the uncertainty or surprises of additional charges.

Demand Letter Only

Description: For a flat fee of $400.00, our service includes drafting a demand letter, negotiating with the opposing party’s lawyer for a severance agreement, providing advice on any settlement offers you receive, reviewing the severance package offered by the company, and guiding you on your legal rights throughout this process. Our representation concludes after the severance negotiation phase.

Pricing: Alongside the $400.00 flat fee, we also charge a 40% contingency fee on any compensation you receive. This approach ensures that both you and our firm are equally invested and committed to achieving the best possible outcome for your case.

EEOC Option

Description: For a flat fee of $1,925.00, our service includes everything from the demand letter stage plus full representation through the EEOC process. This process involves filing a discrimination complaint, navigating the EEOC’s investigation, and managing any case settlements, dismissals, or findings of discrimination by your employer. This service is specifically designed for those who wish to ensure their former employer is held accountable by a federal agency.

Additional Services: Our comprehensive support includes drafting and filing the EEOC charge, reviewing your employer’s response, representing you in EEOC mediations, collaborating with the investigator for document and information requests, and representing you in any conciliation after the EEOC’s decision.

Pricing: Along with the $1,925.00 flat fee, we also apply a 33% contingency fee on any compensation you receive. This option is ideal for those seeking to hold their employer accountable while also maximizing their potential settlement gains.

Pay By the Hour

We also have a pay by the hour option.  Our lawyer rates are between $400 and $600 per/hour. 

Flat Fee

Please be advised that the fees described above are flat fees (with the exception of our hourly service). This means that a predetermined and fixed amount is charged for these services. All payments made under the flat fee arrangement are directly deposited into our operating account, and not into a trust account. This method of handling your payment reflects the nature of the flat fee agreement. By choosing our services, you acknowledge and agree to this payment structure and process.

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