Philadelphia Zoo

Welcome to the Philadelphia Zoo, where you’ll be transported into a world of exotic animals and their habitats.

Located in the heart of Philadelphia, this zoo is home to over 1,300 animals ranging from small insects to large mammals.

You’ll have the opportunity to see some of the rarest species on earth while also learning about conservation efforts that are being made to protect them.

As you make your way through the zoo, guided by interactive maps and helpful staff members, you’ll discover unique habitats designed specifically for each animal.

From the African savannah to the rainforest of South America, you’ll get an up-close look at how these creatures live in their natural environments.

Whether you’re a seasoned zoo-goer or a first-time visitor, there’s always something new and exciting to discover at the Philadelphia Zoo.

A History of the Philadelphia Zoo

Let’s take a look at the fascinating history of how this beloved institution came to be.

The Philadelphia Zoo was founded in 1874 by Dr. William Pepper and several other prominent Philadelphians who were inspired by the zoological gardens they had seen during their travels abroad.

It was the first zoo in America and was originally located on 33 acres in West Fairmount Park.

The zoo featured just 1,000 animals from around the world.

Over time, the Philadelphia Zoo has grown and evolved into one of the most important cultural institutions in the city.

Today, it spans over 42 acres and is home to more than 1,300 animals representing over 40 species from all corners of the globe.

Despite its long history and many changes over the years, its mission remains unchanged: to inspire people to care for wildlife and protect endangered species.

Now that you know a bit about how it all began, let’s explore what makes this zoo so special – starting with its animal habitats!

Exploring the Animal Habitats

You’ll love exploring the amazing habitats of all the animals here! The Philadelphia Zoo is home to over 1,300 animals from all around the world. Each animal has its own unique habitat that’s been specifically designed to meet their needs and provide them with a comfortable environment.

As you walk through the zoo, you’ll be transported to different parts of the world as you visit each habitat. From big cats like lions and tigers to primates like gorillas and orangutans, the Philadelphia Zoo is filled with incredible animal habitats that will leave you in awe.

You can watch as sea lions playfully swim around in their pool or marvel at the majestic beauty of an African elephant in its natural habitat. With so many different habitats to explore, it’s easy to spend an entire day wandering around and watching these magnificent creatures go about their daily lives.

But don’t worry – there are plenty of other attractions and exhibits at the Philadelphia Zoo that’re just waiting for you to discover them!

Attractions and Exhibits at the Philadelphia Zoo

Make the most of your day by checking out some of the exciting attractions and exhibits at the Philadelphia Zoo!

One of the most popular exhibits is Zoo360, a system of exploration trails that allows animals to roam above and around visitors. You can watch as tigers, monkeys, and other creatures traverse bridges and tunnels suspended high above or just inches away from your head. It’s an incredibly immersive experience that gives you a unique perspective on animal behavior.

Another must-see exhibit is Big Cat Falls, which features rare and endangered big cats such as snow leopards, Amur tigers, and African lions. The habitat includes rocky cliffs, waterfalls, streams, and pools designed to mimic their natural environments. You’ll be able to see these majestic animals up close as they lounge in the sun or playfully interact with each other.

Plus, there are daily Big Cat Chats where zookeepers provide insights into their behaviors and conservation efforts to preserve them for future generations.


Overall, visiting the Philadelphia Zoo is a must-see experience for both animal lovers and families. With over 1,300 animals to explore across various habitats and exhibits, there’s never a dull moment at this zoo.

You’ll learn about the history of this institution and be amazed by all that it has to offer. From seeing exotic creatures up close to enjoying the thrill of the rope course or zip line, there’s something for everyone at the Philadelphia Zoo.

So what are you waiting for? Plan your visit today and see why the Philadelphia Zoo is one of the best zoos in the country. Don’t forget to bring your camera and capture memories that will last a lifetime!

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